Adjusting Table Structure using SQL

12. Mai 2014 at 14:12

I was asked by a partner how he could adjust his table structure. He needed to check if a char field is available and adjust its size to a minimum of 40 characters. So I came up with this script:

Connecting a TAdsConnection Component using a connection string

12. Mai 2014 at 14:10

The Advantage client Engine 10.1 introduced new API calls. One of them, AdsConnect101, can connect to a database using a connection string rather than setting the connection options one by one.

UNSIGNED32 AdsConnect101(
  UNSIGNED8 *pucConnectString, 
  ADSHANDLE *phConnectOptions,
  ADSHANDLE *phConnect);

TAdsConnection is able to hook into such a connection, either by setting the ConnectionHandle (TAdsConnection.SetHandle) or by creating a new component based on that ConnectionHandle (TAdsConnection.CreateWithHandle, TAdsConnection.CreateFromHandle).